Botanical name: Juglans Nigra
Weight: 610 kg/m3
Origin: Central America and North America


Click here for the dimensions Black Walnut. Possibly more available on delivery.


The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. Its heartwood tends to be warm dark brown coloured. Sometimes, even a grey, purple or reddish cast could appear. Its demarcated sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white. In the wood trade industry the wood is steamed at first to limit the color difference between its heartwood and sapwood. Also a beautiful wood figure could be seen.

The wood is classified as a tough hard timber of medium density, with moderate bending and curshing strengths and low stiffness. Walnut works easily with hand and machine tools. The wood is generally straight grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain than produces an attractive and decorative figure.

Moreover, Black Walnut is rated as very durable in regard to heartwood decay, it is one of the most durable woods.



Black Walnut prime plus

Black Walnut - KD, Quality: prime plus, thickness: 52 mm and 27 mm (© Homé Hout, 2020)

Sq. edged Black Walnut - KD, Fixed widths
Amerikaans Noten vaste breedtes
Sq. edged Black Walnut - KD, fixed widths, Prime plus (© Homé Hout, 2020)



When maximizing your lumber yield and reducing waste is important don’t rely on random width lumber.  Work from a bundle of lumber that is pre-sorted to the widths that work best for you. Ask Homé Hout BV for sq. edged Black Walnut fixed widths!


Product overview

  • A proprietary grade product
  • 4/4 thickness
  • Width sorts ranging from 4” to 10”+
  • All boards are well steamed
  • Attention given to straight & flat boards
  • Includes restrictions on side bend and wane
  • Other qualities on request