Botanucal name: Liriodendron Tulipifera
Weight: 450 kg/m3
Origin: Eastern North America



The stated weight was measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12%. American Tulipwood is one of the most productive hardwood species from the American hardwood forests and is unique to North America. Tulipwood from America is readily available as sawn lumber in a wide range of grades and thciknesses. A relative knot free timber average lumber widths and lengths can be higher than other commerical species. Tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) live up to their name with spectacular spring blooms that resemble to tulips. Technically, Yellow Poplar does not belong to the Populus genus itself, it is actually a member of the Magnolia family.

Tulipwood has extraordinary overall strength properties relative to weight, making it highly suitable for structural applications. It is easy to work with by hand and machine. The wood has relative low density, with high bending, shock resistance, and stiffness values, but is lower in compression and hardness. However, there is a marked difference between the sapwood and heartwood of tulipwood. The heartwood tends to be light cream to yellowish brown. Occasional some gray or white streaks could occur. Also striking, in planted Yellow Poplar, the amount of sapwood is way larger. The wood  of tulipwood is straight-grained with a medium to fine texture.


  • Durability class: 4

  • Weight: 450 kg/m³ (measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12 %)

  • High bending, shock resistance

  • Lower in compression and hardness

  • Little tendency to movement in good performances.


Forest growth:

FIA data shows U.S. tulipwood growing stock is 1,02 billion m³, 7,7% of total American hardwood growing stock. American Tulipwood is growing 32,5 million m³ per year while the harvest is 12,8 million m³ per year. The net volume is increasing 19,7 million m³ each year. These numbers are outstunning! (Ahec, American tulipwood, 5 March 2020,


American Yellow Poplar (Sq. edged - Kiln dried)

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Thickness (mm)

27 / 33 / 40 / 52 / 80 / 105 mm

Widths (mm)

Fixed widths

Random widths 

Sq. edged American Yellow Poplar (Tulip Poplar) - KD, PRIME/EXPORT, thickness: 33 mm, lengths: 490/460cm
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