Botanical name:Pinus Sylvestris
Weight:510 kg/m3


The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. Its heartwood is light reddish brown and its demarcated sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white. The grain is straight with a medium, even texture.

Sometimes, Scots pine has got to deal with the natural lack called compression wood. Compression wood could be characterized by darker color, glassy appearance, relatively wide and eccentric annual rings, shorter vascular elements, and excessive uneven shrinkage. Is is formed as part of the gravitropic response of trees and shrubs, and generally occurs in leaning stems.

Nowadays, the percentage sapwood of Scots Pine wood is almost exclusively. Need an explanation? The answer can be found in the word planting. Ever since the 25th year of the tree, the heartwood of Scots Pine asrises. Today, Scots Pine is usually planted, which means the age of 25 will never be achieved and the wood will only consist of sapwood.

Furthermore, In Europa the climatic conditions are never the same, which could be seen in qualities and appearances. It is very easy to work with.



Sq. edged Pine - KD, MIX-quality and A-quality

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