Botanical name::Carpinus betulus L.
Weight:750 kg/m3
Origin:Europe and West Africa


The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12%.

Other names

Steenbeuken, witbeuken (Nederland), charme, charmille (Frankrijk), Hainbuche, Weissbuche, Hornbaum (Duitsland), hornbeam (Groot-Brittannië).



(Klaassen, R.K.W.M. (2018). Houtvademecum. Centrum Hout)


Actual stock

*Even if the wood type or dimensions you are looking for are not mentioned, we would be happy to hear your request. Perhaps the stock has changed or we expect / realize the dimensions in question in the (short) term.

Sq. edged - MIX

Thickness: 27 mm

Widths: 160 mm

Lengths: 205 / 305 cm 

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Sq. edged Hornbeam - KD, MIX 27 x 160 mm (© (Homé Hout, 2022)