Europees Eiken - Quercus ssp.
Botanical name: Quercus ssp.
Weight: 700 kg/m3
Origin :  Europe


Common dimensions of European Oak can be found here. Possibly more available on delivery.

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The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. The botanical name of European Oak is Quercus Petraea (winter) and Quercus Robur (summer). Besides American Oak, European Oak belongs to the harder hardwood species as well. Although the structures and qualities are strongly dependent of the growth conditions of the tree, many wood features are similar to American Oak. Both types are very populair because they are easy to work with despite their natural hardness and strenght. European Oak is very widely applicable.

Its heartwood could be described as yellowish brown to dark brown and is easily distinguishable from its light brown sapwood.


Interesting facts

*The oak tree can reach an age of 400 years!



European Oak Class I

European Oak- Class I (© Homé Hout, 2020)

European Oak Class IV

European Oak - Class IV (© Homé Hout, 2020)

European Oak Rustic II

European Oak - Rustic II (© Homé Hout, 2020)

European Oak Prime

European Oak - Prime (© Homé Hout, 2020)

Rough edged European Oak - MIX

Rough edged  European Oak - Quality: MIX (© Homé Hout, 2020)


Sq. edged European Oak - KD - quality: MIX, 52 x 240 mm

Sq. edged European Oak - Quality MIX, 52 x 240 mm (© Homé Hout, 2020)


Sq.edged Pippy Oak - KD, thickness: 27 mm


Pippy oak, sometimes called ‘cat’s paw’ oak, is so named because of the frequent small knots and knot clusters which pepper the board. The pippy oak variety has an especially decorative vibrancy. 

Click on the picture to enlarge (© Homé Hout 2020)


Rough edged European Oak - KD - quality: A/B, 54 mm, L: 6 meter up to 6,60 meter!

Rough edged European Oak - KD - quality: A/B, thickness: 54 mm, L: 600 up to 660 centimeters!

Click on the picture to enlarge (© Homé Hout, 2020)