Botanical name:Ulmus ssp.
Weight:650 kg/m3


The stated weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. The botanical name of European Elm is Ulmus ssp. (Ulmus x Hollandica / Ulmus Carpinifolia / Ulmus Procera / Ulmus Laevis).

The Elm is ring-porous, which means in a previous stage of growth larger wood vessels occur with more spread than in a later stage of growth, often causing a difference in color and hardness between both. In addition, a clear distinction can be made between its sapwood and heartwood. Its heartwood is brown (sometimes with a greenish sheen) and its sapwood is yellowish white in color. The wood is also characterized as tough, strong and reasonably hard wood.


Interesting facts

*In the past, to create more value European Elms were stored under water. This proces ensured the sapwood became about the same color as the heartwood.

* Elm trees are commonly infected with Dutch elm desease, a fungal disease spread by elm bark beetles. D.E.D. Had wiped out millions of Elm trees worldwide.


Sq. edged European Elm - KD, MIX, Fixed Widths


27 x 205 mm

27 240 mm 


Sq. edged European Elm - Kiln dried, Ulmus Hollandica, MIX, 27 x fixed widths

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