Botanical name: Fraxinus Excelsior
Weight: 700 kg/m3
Origin: Europe


The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. The continent of origin is Europe, including the Netherlands. Many wood features are similar to American Ash. It could be described as elastic, pretty tough and very strong wood. Moreover, a color difference between its sapwood and hardwood is clearly visible. In the timber trade industry, its sapwood is commonly used, which has got a light color.

Its heartwood is often used for decorative purposes. Because of the many color differences in this dark brown heartwood, a beautifully expressed drawing can occur in the wood. This is also called 'Brown Ash' or 'Olive Ash'.


Our actual stock

Qualities: Prime/Export, Rustic, Brown Ash

Thicknesses: 27 mm, 33 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm

Widths: Random widths and fixed widths

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European Ash AA A1F

European Ash - Quality: AA/A1F (© Homé Hout, 2020)