Botanical name: Fagus Sylvatica
Weight: 700 kg/m3
Origin: Europe, Bosnia


The weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. Steamed Beech is easy to work with and hardly ever splits. This type of wood is often used for furniture and interior. And it is toxic free. Natural discolouration can occur in unsteamed beech, which means the wood can lose its white color. By steaming it acquires an solid pale pink color.

Our square edged boards are originally from Bosnia. Bosnia belongs to the best growth areas for beech trees. This wood is very uniform in color and, unlike other areas of origin, it does not have to be sorted after color.

European Beech

Sq. edged - lightly steamed

Thicknesses : 27 - 34 - 40 - 52 - 65 - 80 mm

Lenghts : 100 up to 450 cm

Approx. : 200 m³ in stock

Rough edged - lightly steamed

Thicknesses : 35 - 40 - 52 - 65 mm

Lengths : 300/400 cm and on

Approx. : 15 m³ in stock

Sq. edged - Unsteamed

Thicknesses : 52 - 55 - 60 - 80 mm

Lengths : 100 to 310 cm  

Approx. 15 m³ in stock

*Even if the wood type or dimensions you are looking for are not mentioned, we would be happy to hear your request. Perhaps the stock has changed or we expect / realize the dimensions in question in the (short) term.

European Beech A quality

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Sq. edged European Beech - KD, quality: A (© Homé Hout 2019)