Botanical name:Diplotropis Purpurea
Weight:920 kg/m3
Origin:South America


The stated weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. Its light-coloured sapwood is clearly distinguishable from its heartwood. In contrast, its heartwood tends to be dark brown with reddish hues and lighter streaks. This, together with its natural shine, causes a beautiful wood figure. Therefore it is mainly used for furniture, stairs and floors.


Sucupira (sq. edged - Kiln dried)

Even if the wood type or dimensions you are looking for are not mentioned, we would be happy to hear your request. Perhaps the stock has changed or we expect / realize the dimensions in question in the (short) term.

Approx. lengths: 185 up to 400 cm

Thickness x fixed widths 
27 x  80 mm
27 x 155 mm
27 x 205 mm