Botanical name:Terminalia ssp.
Weight:800 kg/m3
Origin:South America


The stated weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12%. Pao Mulato is also called Nargusta or Capirona and belongs to the hardwood species. The botanical name is Terminalia ssp. (Terminalia Amazonia, Terminalia Januariensis). Its heardwood tends to vary from light to medium brown, with so now and then a golden or olive cast. Occasionally some darker reddisch brown streaks could be seen. The transition from its heartwood to the ligher colored sapwood is gradual, which means its sapwood is not easily distinguished from its heartwood. Furtermore, Pao Mulato is medium to very durable and might be difficult to work with due to its usually interlocked grain resulting in tearout.