Botanical name:Manilkara ssp.
Weight:560 kg/m3
Origin:America, Suriname and Brazil


The stated weight (kg / m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12%. The botanical name of Massaranduba is Manilkara ssp. (Manilkara Bidentata, Manilkara Amazonica, Manilkara Huberi), but most common is Manilkara Bidenta.

Its sapwood is clearly distinguishable from its hearwood based on color differences. Its heartwood is medium to dark reddish brown. Usually its heartwood is used in the wood trade industry. Moreover, Massaranduba is known as an incredible strong and dense wood species which has good durability in exterior applications. Despite these properties, it generally produces good results in woodworking though.


Interesting facts:

* In traditional Dutch, is was also called horsemeat wood or bolletrie, because of its wood color. This has changed over time in the Brazilian name Massaranduba, as it usually comes from Brazil nowadays. Another common name is Bulletwood.

* Latex is produced from Massaranduba

* Massaranduba was the most important application in mills for centuries.