Botanical name:Humenaea ssp.
Weight:900 kg/m3
Origin:Central America and South America


The stated weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approx.12%. The botanical name is Humenaea ssp. (Hymenaea Courbaril, Hymenaea Stilbocarpa). Its green heartwood is light orangish brown, which turns into a darker reddish brown color after a while. Sometimes, darker greyish brown streaks could appear. Its clearly demarcated sapwood is light greyish yellow.

Characteristic of Jatoba is the resin canals which somethimes clearly appears. Jatoba is considered difficult to work with because of its density and hardness. Also planing without tearout is difficult. Moreover, Jatoba is exceptionally stiff, strong, and hard, representing a great value for woodworkers seeking high-strenght and relatively low-cost lumber. Common applications are indoor and outdoor constructions as window frames, stairs, doors and the like.

Interesting facts:

* Although Jatoba is also commonly named Brazilian Cherry, it bears little relations to the domestic Cherry (Prunus Serotina).


Jatoba (Sq. edged - Kiln dried)

* Even if the wood type or dimensions you are looking for are not mentioned, we would be happy to hear your request. Perhaps the stock has changed or we expect / realize the dimensions in question in the (short) term.




27 mm


Fixed widths: 130 / 205 mm  

Sq. edged Jatoba - Kiln dried - FAS - FSC® certified - 27 x 205 mm
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