Botanical name:Chlorocardium Rodiei
Weight:1000 kg/m3
Origin:South America



The stated weight (kg/m3) is measured with a moisture percentage of approximately 12%. Its heartwood tends to be a pale olive green color with darker streaks. This color variation can even occur in one trunck. Its sapwood has somehow the same color. Generally, due to its density it is somewhat difficult to work with.

Greenheart possess inherent strenght and stiffness. Ideal for outdoor materials, for which stability is not required. Greenheart is perhaps the stiffest wood in the world, but has also a fairly high movement in service (natural shrinkage & expansion).

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Greenheart, 4 sides planed, 20 x 142 mm


  • Groenhart(10)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(20)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(30)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(40)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(50)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(60)-rs.jpg
  • Groenhart(70)-rs.jpg

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