Botanical name:Dipteryx Odorata
Weight:1050 kg/m3
Origin:South America


The stated weight of 1050 kg/m3 is measured with a moisture percentage of approx. 12%. Its heartwood tends to vary from yellowish- to reddish brown. Often a combination between both colors Cumaru is offered in the wood trade industry. Altough Red Cumaru is slightly less durable, both have a excellent durability and weathering properties. Cumaru belongs definetely to the hardest and heaviest wood species and therefore it is mainly used for outdoor applications.


Interesting facts

*The seeds of Cumaru also serve as flavor substitute of vanilla? The scent of vanilla can also be smelled on the wood itselves. 

*Wood of the species Dipteryx odorata is among woodworkers commonly called Cumaru, though it is sometimes referred to Brazilian Teak as well: primarily when used as hardwood flooring. (Brazilian Teak is not related to common Teak, Tectona grandis).


Cumaru - Sq. edged 

* Even if the wood type or dimensions you are looking for are not mentioned, we would be happy to hear your request. Perhaps the stock has changed or we expect / realize the dimensions in question in the (short) term.

thickness x  fixed widths
21 x 145 mm
27 x 80 mm
27 x 205 mm

Read here more about Cumaru 4-sides planed.



Cumaru 4 sides planed to 21 x 145 mm

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  • Cumaru4.jpg

Click on the picture to enlarge (Homé Hout, 2021)