Wood species


Homé Hout trades in several solid hardwoods originating from different parts of the world. At this moment we have more than fifty wood species in stock. So whatever you need, it is available with us!

By focusing on direct contacts with different sawmills for the past 40 years, we have built up a wood stock of approximately 10.000 m³ consisting of many international wood species of excellent qualities. We can also offer high qualities at very competitive prices, just because we purchase in large ammounts.

After all, a good relationship with both the sawmill and the customer is essential. The wood from our sawmills is rough edged wood, square edged wood or planed wood. Our specialty is trading in certified wood of fixed widths. By doing so, the waste percentage will be reduced which means the prices remain acceptable and in the mean while we contribute to sustainabilty.


European Beech Nogal (tropical Black Walnut) White Oak Afzelia Bangkirai
Douglas pine Basralocus Red Oak Obeche (Abachi) Kapur
 European Oak Cambara White Ash Gombé Mixed Hardwood
 European Ash Chico Zapote (Sapodilla) Hard Maple Iroko Merbau
European elm Cumaru Silver Maple Moabi  
Silver Birch Curupay (Cebil) Pacific Coast Maple Muninga  
Scots Pine Greenheart Black Walnut African Padauk  
Spruce Freijo Black Cherry Rhodesian Teak  
  Ipe Sycamore Sapeli (Sapele)  
  Jatoba Yellow Poplar (tulip wood)  Wengé  
  Massaranduba Quaking Aspen    
  Orelha de Macaco Hackberry    
  Pau Mulato (Nargusta) Hickory    
  Sucupira Red Elm