Homé Hout has got ambitions in fair trade of wood, so it is focused to sustainably produced and certified wood. We could guarantee our customers a sustainably obtained product with a fair and reliable origin through demonstrable certificates that have arisen over the past years. By selling certified wood, you contribute to the preservation of forests and to a healty invironment worldwide.

We are familiar with the below mentioned quality labels and certificates:

FSC® certificationsFSC

The frequently used abbreviation FSC® refers to Forest Stewardship Council®. It is a global not-for-profit organization committed to the preservation of our forests. FSC® is worldwide supported by environmental and developmental organizations. The FSC® programe ensures the preservation of forests worldwide based on responsible forest management. Responsible forest management means not only the protection of plants, animals and locals, but also harvestating wood in a responsible way.

Are you curious about the origins of a certain product? If a wood product is originated from FSC®-certified forests it will be labeled with a FSC® label. Every company in a certain trade chain should be FSC®-certified. To accomplish, unique FSC® certificates are used. Homé Hout is FSC® certified. You can find our FSC®-certificate in English here.

Above all, keep asking for FSC® wood! More participants means more FSC® managed forests and more people and animals will benefit from this. For additional information you could visit the website: www.fsc.org

A FSC® certified product is noticed per invoice line, so you exactly know which order of wood is FSC® certified. 


PEFC certifications 

PEFC KeurmerkThe abbreviation PEFC refers to Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. This label guarantees the wood is origination from a responsible managed forest. The PEFC label has been established by various European organizations. In recent years, the number of PEFC partipants worldwide has increased considerably. This label could only be used by PEFC certified companies. Fortunately, Homé Hout participates. You can find our PEFC certification in English here.


Do you also concern about deforestation worldwide? Then help! More information? Visit the website: www.pefc.org.


A PEFC certified product is noticed per invoice line, so you exactly know which order of wood is PEFC certified.



The Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA)

The Netherlands Timber Trade Association (in Dutch: VVNH) is the umbrella organisation representing some 300 dutch timber wholesalers,  which can be recognised by their title of Approved Timber Traders®. All members of the NTTA are focused on supporting sustainable development. We therefore strive to have the best possible working conditions & methods, and we expect the same of our partners.

Also very important is our focus on sustainable resources.

VVNH     VVNH logo

Approved Timber Traders®