The 4mm wedge spacer guarantees consistent spacing between planks. The “H” shaped spacer wedge leg on the Extreme4® Fixing clip compresses with the expansion of terrace planks. It will return to its original shape once the plank begins to recede.

Invented for hardwood terraces, the colour of the EXTREME4® concealed fixing clip also helps to further camouflage and makes gaps between timber planks invisible. Hence, it is truly a concealed terrace fixing system. Also perfect for thermally modified timber.

The Extreme4™ DeckWise® clips are offered per box for the price of €100 (Excl. VAT). In one box you can not only find the clips but also the other needed supplies. Furthermore, one box Extreme4™ Deckwise® serves for an area of circa 10 m² terrace.

Below you can find the content specification per box:


Extreme4 terrasclips185 pcs

DeckWise® Clip Black Fasteners Invisible




 200 pcs

#8x2" DeckWise® Black Stainless Trim Screws




  12 pcs

3/8" Ipe Plug




   1 pcs

1/8" Drill bit




   1 pcs

1" Screwgun tip





   3 pcs

4mm Red Spacer Tool






  1 pcs

Instruction Sheet