DeckWise® Invisible Terrace Fixing Clips

Authorized Dealer Deckwise®
Authorized Dealer Deckwise®

In case you are going to put up a terrace with hardwood, it is very important to account the natural shrinkage or expansion (movement in service) of the wood. During typical and natural expansion and contraction the terrace planks will, by their own nature, determine the easiest pathway to move.

The reason Deckwise® Invisible Terrace Fizings work so well is because only one side of the timber plank is fastened to the underlying sleeper. This permits the opposite side of the plank to move naturally. This simpje terrace fixing method guarantees even gaps over time as well as end-to-end terrace planks.

What exactly is special about the DeckWise® terrace clips?

DeckWise® Hardwood Terrace Fixing Clips with high strength stainless steel reinforcement inserts are designed to be up to 3X STRONGER than other terrace fixing systems. The original invention and US patented stainless steel insert "design" makes terrace installations quick and easy. Moreover, these terrace clips can be easily and quickly attached by both experienced and unexperienced builders.

Remember, DeckWise® invisible terrace fixings will provide a longer-lasting terrace, extreme durability, and a safer surface to walk on (free of fixing screws).

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The DeckWise® product line of invisible fixings set 3 different plank gap spaces to accommodate most installation requirements:



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    Extreme4™ DeckWise® terrace fixing clips



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    ExtremeKD™ DeckWise® terrace fixing clips



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