Finger jointed mixed hardwood panels originate from a mix residual short pieces of mixed hardwood with circuits in color of medium brown, orange-yellow or red, which are glued to one panel by means of mating figures (fingers). Therefore, finger jointed is a gluing technique that is used to extend wood. A finger jointed panel is more stable. Equally important: Finger jointed panels could be obtained in longer lengths.

They are offered in quality PHND. This is an abbreviation for ''Pin Holes No Defect''. It refers to the approval of small (up to 1 mm) pin holes in the wood originated by longhorn beetles. These pin holes have no harm in dried wood.

Furthermore, our mixed hardwood panels are all FSC® certified. More information about FSC® can be found here.

Available dimensions:

20 mm x 650 mm x 3000 mm

28 mm x 1000 mm x 3000 mm

40 mm x 1000 mm x 3000 mm

Pay attention! Wood panels are very sensitive to fluctations in atmospheric humidity. In order to guarantee quality, an order for panels will not be prepared in advance but only at the time of departure. In this way, the chance of warping is limited.

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Mixed hardwood panels - Finger Jointed - quality: PHND, FSC© certified

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Mixed hardwood panels, 20 x 650 x 3000 mm. Click on the image to enlarge. (© Homé Hout, 2021)